"ScrumMasters of the Universe" present Diving Into Scrum with John Albrecht and Ryan Brook

Mon, May 10, 3:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

For people interested in Scrum, Scrum Lake is a place to share stories, discuss techniques and take a deeper dive into Scrum theory, practice and reality. The workshops are a safe and structured environment for Scrum enthusiasts to be able to discuss stories and work together to learn effective techniques to deliver positive change. They provide you with the opportunity to co-create your own exploration of deeper Scrum, facilitated by two experienced Scrum Masters.

In this one hour taster session, John and Ryan will explain how you can use metaphors to explain Scrum concepts. We'll share some of ours with you and work through some activities that you could use with your teams to find out metaphors that work for them. We hope to provide actionable takeaways and prompt deep discussion.

Meet Your Hosts - John and Ryan

John is a Scrum Master and coach with a long experience of growing agile teams. He has a technical background and grows teams from within using value-based principles. He is a leader who


Ryan spends his time working with teams and organizations to change their mindset from 'delivery at whatever cost' to 'value at whatever cost'. In a previous life he was a teacher, and therefore the backbone of his practice is using interactive techniques to embed learning.