How Agile Organizations Can Accelerate Positive Culture, Engagement, & Collaboration in a Distributed World
Mon, Nov 9, 2020, 6:00 PM (PST)

About this event

Written in 2001 the Agile Manifesto states that in-person interactions are the most effective way to facilitate communication. As technologies and connectivity have evolved, so has the ability for teams to work in different ways. Successful organizations are embracing these new ways of working and reaping tremendous benefits as a result.

Since 2001 it’s become more and more common for team members to be geographically dispersed to the extent that throughout 2020 most teams have been working remote. We have found that not all remote teams perform at the same level, in addition it’s clear there are teams that are working even better remote while others are struggling to cope. With the recent pandemic, it has forced a new way of thinking and working making it critical that agile teams not only survive but thrive during this workplace transition.

Check out this webinar to learn about the practices, tools, and values that have allowed many agile teams to thrive while working remotely and the steps that your organization can take if you have teams or individuals who are struggling.

We’ll discuss:

• What great can look like

• Signs that a team or team member may be struggling

• The role tools play in helping organizations navigate and stay productive

• Steps your organization can take to boost engagement and build positive culture